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In 1999, Rhonda began her paralegal career in a large law firm administrating the trademark portfolios of several clients, providing litigation support, managing international trademark work by engaging and working with foreign counsel, and serving as a prosecution liaison between attorneys and firm clients.

Rhonda has also worked in-house where she honed her knowledge base and skill level by gaining a corporate intellectual property perspective. Since 2003, Rhonda has provided paralegal support and expertise to corporate legal departments in Fortune 500 retail, direct sales, and manufacturing/distribution industries - each with its own way of doing business. Notably, with supervision from General Counsel, Rhonda successfully brought all IP work in-house, organized the international portfolio, and managed the crucial responsibilities of it in its entirety for five years.  

In addition to her diversified experience and employment history, Rhonda is certified by NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants - ABA accredited) with advanced certifications in Trademarks and Contracts earning her the ACP (Advanced Certified Paralegal) certification.  


Rhonda has a keen understanding of the importance of securing, policing and protecting intellectual property rights. Years of intellectual property practice, a strong drive to cut costs without compromising value, and a dedication to professional growth enables Rhonda to deliver high quality work in a timely manner. 


Rhonda welcomes the opportunity to work with attorneys in good standing throughout the United States* and looks forward to providing IP support service solutions to your firm or business.  

*Rhonda Snyder does not provide paralegal services without attorney supervision and will not give legal advice.


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